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art. 3 Application of Propensity Scores to a
Continuous Exposure: E ffect of Lead Exposure
in Early Childhood on Reading and
Mathematics Scores
by Michael Elliott, Nanhua Zhang & Dylan Small

art. 2 Evidence of False Positives in Research
Clearinghouses and Influential Journals:
An Application of of P-Curve to Policy Research
by Sean Tanner

art. 1 Two R Packages for Sensitivity Analysis
in Observational Studies
by Paul Rosenbaum

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Observational Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes manuscripts on all aspects of observational studies, including, but not limited to, study protocols for observational studies, methodologies for observational studies, descriptions of data sets for observational studies, software for observational studies and analyses of observational studies. For further details, see the journal's aims and scope.

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